Dr. Shaikh Yusuf Sulthan Shah Qadhiri Chishty قدس سره

Global Sufi Leader

 H.H. Quthbuzzaman Dr. Shaikh Yusuf Sulthan Shah Qadhiri Chisthy (َقدس  سره)  was a greatest Sufi leader of the contemporary world.

For, his spiritual training he followed the paths of about seven Mashaikhs. In those years, he wandered about all over India, completed his spiritual trainings at different locations in North India.

He has millions of disciples, followers and lovers in India and all over the world. A majority of them hail from counted centers of North India. He promotes the ideal of Tauhid, as preached by Prophets and their successors, the Folk of Allah. He call all the men and Jinn to the message of the sacred verse of Quran “And I(Allah) created not the Jinn and men except they should worship Me(Alone)” (Surah: 5.51:56). In the community of Prophet Muhammad (S.W), Sufi saints were the real profounder of peace and harmony. They nourished the harmonious living of different religions, and creeds in the world.

The rich history of our country, India, bears clear-cut evidence to the fact. No history of Indian culture will be complete without giving the deserving share held by Sufis at different ages. At our present day world, Sulthan Shah does the same job His mission is the duty of Prophet Muhammad (S.W) has entrusted his real followers, to call the creatures of God to His Nearness. This was done by all Sufis. They preached humanity, and fought against brutality. They stood for the brotherly kindness, and humane cooperation. They stood against hatred and animosity; they never caused violence or struggle. They wanted to bring out peace here. Peace in the lives of all people. Peace inside the minds of each human being. Peace comes when one reach near Almighty. For, God is peace. Peace of all worlds. This was preached by all the prophets. Hazrath Sultan Shah propagates the same path. Uncountable numbers of people visit his doorsteps on each day. No difference of religion or caste in them. They are all with same minds. They expect nothing but a word of advice, some principles that they can live upon and strive after. Hazrath Sultan Shah is the dependable source of solace for them.

He is not decreeing anything that will harm them. No violence, nor struggle for worldly pleasures. His teachings provide him food for their thought and meaning for their life. So many things happen in our world without purposes.

To teach the creatures of Almighty the purpose of their living, and leading them to achieve that goal, is the mission of Hazrath Sultan Shah. Many have come forward to shoulder the responsibility of his grand mission under his guidance. Among them, there are scholars, professionals, businesspersons and laymen. He stands as a beacon for them all. His mission is encapsulated in the Kalima “La ilaha Illallahu Muhammad Rasoolullahi”. This Kalima was preached by Prophet(s), and agreed by all prophets before Him.

He is the Khalifa of Allah’s Prophet entrusted to preach and propagate the Kalima across the world. This duty was handled by such great saints like Ghaus-e- ‘Azam Abdul Qadhiri Jeelani (Q.S),Khwaja Mu’inuddin of Ajmir (Q.S), Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi and others. They are the Khalifas of Allah’s Prophet of this world. Sheikh Hazrath Sultan Shah Qadhiri has come in their tradition. He promotes such pristine principles realized by all these great saints. Hazrath Sultan Shah was handed over the Khilafa of “La ilaha Illallahu Muhammad Rasoolullahi” from the great hands of Syed Muhammad Bad shah Yamani Qadhiri (R.A)of Wadi, Karnataka. Qadhiri of Wadi(R) left this world in 1399th year of Hijra.

Now, Hazrath Sultan Shah is sought after by Auliya, ulama and common people alike. Rasoolullahi was the perfect path; Prophet(s) has bidden His community to follow.

Hazrath Badushah Yamani Qadhiri was the seventh of Sheikhs, spiritual guides, which Hazrath Sulthan Shah has followed; His spiritual ascent reached its fullness upon his hands. He taught Hazrath Sultan Shah the profound principles contained in the word of Kalima. Kalima contains the mysteries behind all being and all existence. Countable ones of Auliya are seen wandering around the people showing miracles. These are known like ‘Karamaths’. But Tauhid is not a path for the folk of Karamaths; Folk of Towheed live among the people. They propagate the religion of heart. They profess love and human kindness. They advise people to come near God through the path of love. For, one can’t love Almighty, unless he loves his humans. These are the real Folk of Allah. As well described in Holy Qur’an “The Folk of Allah, they have no fear, nor do they have any sorrow”. Real Folk of Allah lives among the people. They have no tear of God’s creatures. They preach to fear only God. For, fear breeds contempt and hatred among people. They expect nothing from this world. They have no worldly ambition.

Hence, no sorrow will take their minds. They strive hard to purify the blotted hearts of their fellow humans. For, they have known the peacefulness of reaching Almighty. They want to guide in their path. Hazrath Sulthan Shah is perfect one of them. He leads the creatures of Almighty to reach His presence, and find ultimate happiness.

Let us stand behind him to achieve this profound goal. And Almighty Allah may accept it as a good deed from us.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

There are several isms, religions and ideologies in the world. But to get acceptance before Almighty Allah and to achieve the eternal success, we should live as Muslim. Allah proclaims in holy Qur’an:

إن الدين عند الله الإسلام

“The (acceptable) Religion before Allah is Islam.”

A Muslim is the bearer of Truth. He is the possessor of a magnificent ideology too. He has been provided with a fabulous framework to lead a regal life. His soul, notwithstanding his being rich or poor, employer or employee, fit or feeble, always feels peace and serenity.

What is the Religion, Islam?

What is meant by Islam? Is it a mere ideology? Or is it a confinement made out of certain deeds? No, never. Holy Islam, apart from inculcating belief and action, consists of Ihsan which leads him to Almighty Allah, the Creator and the Sustainer. This is the Islam, which comprises of Belief (الإيمان), Action (الإسلام) and Ihsan (الإحسان), introduced by Prophet Muhammad T.

Umar Bin Qathab (R.A) says:

بينما نحن عند رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ذات يوم إذ طلع علينا رجل شديد بياض الثياب شديد سواد الشعر لا يرى عليه أثر السفر ولا يعرفه منا أحد حتى جلس إلى النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم فأسند ركبتيه إلى ركبتيه ووضع كفيه على فخذيه وقال يا محمد أخبرنى عن الإسلام. فقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: الإسلام أن تشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمدا رسول الله وتقيم الصلاة وتؤتى الزكاة وتصوم رمضان وتحج البيت إن استطعت إليه سبيلا. قال صدقت. قال فعجبنا له يسأله ويصدقه. قال فأخبرنى عن الإيمان. قال أن تؤمن بالله وملائكته وكتبه ورسله واليوم الآخر وتؤمن بالقدر خيره وشره . قال صدقت. قال فأخبرنى عن الإحسان. قال: أن تعبد الله كأنك تراه فإن لم تكن تراه فإنه يراك.

“One day we were sitting in the company of Allah’s Messenger when there appeared before us a man dressed in pure white clothes, his hair extraordinarily black. There were no signs of travel on him. None amongst us recognized him. At last he sat with the Messenger T. He knelt before him placed his palms on his thighs and said: Muhammad, inform me about al-Islam. The Messenger of Allah T said: Al-Islam implies that you testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and you establish prayer, pay Zakat, observe the fast of Ramadan, and perform pilgrimage to the (House) if you are solvent enough (to bear the expense of) the journey. He (the inquirer) said: You have told the truth. He (Umar ibn al-Khathab) said: It amazed us that he would put the question and then he would himself verify the truth. He (the inquirer) said: Inform me about Eiman (faith). He (the Holy Prophet) replied: That you affirm your faith in Allah, in His angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Judgment, and you affirm your faith in the Divine Decree about good and evil. He (the inquirer) said: You have told the truth. He (the inquirer) again said: Inform me about al-Ihsan (performance of good deeds). He (the Holy Prophet) said: That you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him, for though you don’t see Him, He, verily, sees you.”

قال ثم انطلق فلبثت مليا ثم قال لى: يا عمر أتدرى من السائل؟ قلت: الله ورسوله أعلم. قال:  فإنه جبريل أتاكم يعلمكم دينكم.

“He (the narrator, Umar ibn al-Khathab) said: Then he (the inquirer) went on his way but I stayed with him (the Holy Prophet) for a long while. He then, said to me: Umar, do you know who this inquirer was? I replied: Allah and His Messenger know best. He (the Holy Prophet) remarked: He was Jibreel (the angel). He came to you in order to instruct you in matters of religion.”

Out of this Holy Hadith we got a thing, that is, to become the holder of the Perfect Islam, the three elements Islam, Eiman and Ihsan should unite in our life. Only then can we realize the success. The Swahaba, through their life, conveyed this prolific message of Islam.

Dear brother,

Have you ever thought of how to lead the journey of life? Have you ever bothered of what means should you accept to conquer the beguiling zeniths of spiritual success? Have you ever put your efforts into work to get blessed with the blissful vision of Allah, the Master? Have you felt any sort of pleasure in your prayers and worships?  I question you for not question; but with an intention to make you question your own notion.

How can we sanctify our life and soul? 

Who are our torchbearers? 

And which is the True Path?

No need of too much thinking to get an answer. Prophet Muhammad T and Swahaba are the ideals before us. The way of life they practiced should be the mode of our living. There are none but them deserved to be followed.

The Path of Predecessors

When trace out the luminous life of Prophet Muhammad T and Swahaba we can visualize five inevitable aspects.


The Consent (إذن) of Allah

The Consent i.e., إذن is the basic qualification to invite the humanity to the Belief (إيمان) and bring them nearer to the Creator.  Either should get this Consent from the Almighty as Prophet ( Peace be upon him) got it, or from Prophet ( Peace be upon him) as Swahaba did. If else, should get it from a person, who has the order that reach unto Prophet ( Peace be upon him).

Here, in Qur’an Allah illustrates the capacities of Prophet Muhammad T:

يا أيها النبي إنا أرسلناك شاهدا ومبشرا ونذيرا وداعيا إلى الله بإذنه وسراجا منيرا

“O Prophet! Truly we have sent thee as a Witness, a Bearer of glad tidings, a Warner, and as one who invites to Allah by His Consent, and as a Lamp spreading light.”

Through this holy verse, wherein Allah introduced Prophet ( Peace be upon him) as one who invites to Allah by His Consent, the significance of the Consent has brought out.

Once, Abu backer Siddeeq (R.A) asked Prophet (Peace be upon him):

يا رسول الله! ما نجاة هذا الأمر؟

“O Messenger of Allah! On which is the success of this thing (the life) based?”

Prophet Muhammad T replied:

من قبل مني الكلمة التى عرضت على عمّى فردها علي فهي له نجاة

“Whosoever accepts from me the Kalima (the Term), that I have uttered to my uncle (Abu Twalib) and then he rejected, that Kalima itself is his success.” The words ‘accepts from me’ should be comprehended in the fullest sense of the term.


Thouheed (التوحيد)

Prophet Muhammad T, coming down amidst the people having got the Consent of Allah, invited them to the perfect holy Thouheed لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله.  Thereafter the mission that Swahaba were assigned to do was the invitation to لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله. What Prophet ( Peace be upon him) conveyed and transmitted to those who took delivery of his invitation to Islam, was this holy Kalima.  In the early eleven years of Prophethood the Swahaba were indoctrinated to put their effort in stabilizing the holy لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله in the innermost part of their heart. In short, the second aspect that Swahaba were trained to and they held tight was لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله.


Oath in Thouheed (البيعة)

Along with conveying the message of لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله to those who believed in Him, Prophet Muhammad T made them swear oath in it.

On the day of Victory of Makkah (فتح مكة) Prophet ( Peace be upon him) took seat on the Safa (صفا) mountain to accept the oath from the new – comers to belief. Due to the hustle and bustle Prophet ( Peace be upon him) delegated Umar Bin Khathab (R.A), a bit below from where he sat, to accept the oath from people. The history has witnessed all these events.

The Swahaba, who have been sent as representatives of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) to various regions of the world for the propagation of Islam, had also followed the way of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) that is to make the people take oath in لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله. In a nutshell, to take the oath in لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله from the Delegates of Allah is the gateway to ultimate success.

Companionship (صحبة) and Love (محبة)

Prophet Muhammad T convinced the Swahaba of the nobility and sublimity of being in company (صحبة) with Him and of the inevitability of seamless love to Him. Next to prophets of Allah, the most reverent personalities in the Muslim world are Swahaba. Whatever greatness they had achieved was with the companionship of Prophet ( Peace be upon him). Through a large number of Hadithes, Prophet ( Peace be upon him) has emphasized the necessity of Companionship.

Apart from this the Messenger of God T gives us the glad tidings:

طوبى لمن رآنى ومن رأى من رآنى

“Beatitudes are to those who met me and to those who met the one who met me” and Prophet ( Peace be upon him) repeated وَمَنْ رَأَى مَنْ رَآنِي three times. This Hadeeth implies that the dignity of Companionship is not impounded within the age of Prophet ( Peace be upon him).

As like, the love to whom, we are in company with should be regardless of any other relations or kinships. The perfectness of Companionship lies in the solidity of our love and admiration to them. On the whole, the stability of our belief is anchored on the Companionship with the Messengers and Delegates of Allah.


Sharia’ (الشريعة)

‘To be abide with the rules and regulations of Sharia’, this was the suggestion of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) to the Swahaba. To follow the laws of Sharia strictly and stringently is obligatory for a Muslim. Prophet ( Peace be upon him) not only preached the commandments of Sharia, but also demonstrated it in the course of his life journey. Those, who are averse to Sharia and turn down its indispensability, are away from the boundary of Islam.

To say the truth, these five aspects are equally significant in the life-journey of a Muslim. For the stability of Eiman, for the perfectness of Islam, to achieve the eternal success, to meet with the Master of Hereafter world – all these need our firm hold on these fundamental factors.

The Swahaba, who were delegated to various counties for the propagation of Thouheed, were possessors and practitioners of these five features. They were representatives of Prophet Muhammad T viz. they have obtained the Consent to invite to the Belief, from Muhammad T.

As per the command of Prophet ( Peace be upon him), Swahaba moved far and wide in the world and invited the humanity to the holy Message of Thouheed. To those who gave answer to the call of Eiman, were served the Holy Thouheed and made to  take oath in it, and being asked to lead a life within the framework of Sharia, wanted to earn living holding firm on the chassis of Sharia. They wholeheartedly agreed to and reconciled with these teachings.

This specific and sanctified system that Allah defined to invite the humanity towards Islam continued to occur all around the world through the history. The holy Personalities in series of prophet’s delegates are known as Silsila or the holy pattern.

Sheikh Hasan Al-Baswari, Sheikh Junaid Al-Baghdadi, Sheikh Muhyidheen Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Sheikh Ahmed-ul-Kabeer Al-Rifaee, Khwaja Mu’eenudheen Chishti, and suchlike too many noble divine souls were the leaders of this stern unflinching string. They all did call the people to Thouheed, accepted them as their disciples, made them swear oath in Thouheed, gave them spiritual strength, provided them with mental solace, filled their souls with divine ecstasy, Guided them through the clear-cut aisle of Sharia.


Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A)

Among the above mentioned ever-gleaming leaders, by all aspects, Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) is exclusively worth mentioned. He emerged with full blaze by the fifth century of Hijra as the reformer of Islam. He fanned the renaissance of Islam into flame. With marvelously terse and comprehensive words he delivered the profound spiritual truth, لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله.

At the end of elongated and troublesome journey in search of spiritual solace, he met with the sixteenth delegate of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) in the series, Sheikh Aboo Saeed Mubarak Al-Maqsoomi (R.A). Accepted the perfect Thouheed from his august presence. Swore the oath by his hands. Achieved the necessary practical training to establish the Thouheed in his inmost being. Performed the bylaw of Sharia. Later, at the age of fifty, he got the Consent to invite humanity towards Eiman. Then he comes down amidst to the people.

Therein he has to come upon an Islam which has lost its life and soul. It has gone a wick flame that is out of oil and yet not extinguished. Yea, Islam was there, but has lost its spirit. It had gone a long distance in power, prosperity, civilization, intellectual advancement and cultural development. Nevertheless, the Muslim had chosen the crooked path of discord. Ignorance and hatred had poisoned his life. Despair and disbelief were in pursuit of his mental peace. The selfish pride of birth and hoarding of power and wealth had confined    the thought and decision. Spiritual deterioration and mental decomposition had begun showing its awful consequences on the living humanity.

Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) comments on the real condition of Islam and Muslim as it was in 521 AH: “Here, the Islam is breathing its last sigh.”

What was the disease that paralyzed Islam therein? Lack of what did persuade him to deliver such an opinion?

We have some general and well-acquainted criteria to remark the background of a society or a community as passing through the obstacles of  backwardness in educational scientific field., though less in number, their awful absence in political arena and power ,

Was it based on any of these standards that Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) commented on the Islamic world of that time? Let us analyze the history truthfully and without any prejudice which may lead to misconceptions and negative notions. The more our approach to the study of a matter becomes free of pre concepts and misunderstandings, the more perfect the result will be. The society today is in great need of such a straightforward analysis of history.

Long before 521AH, Islam has been spread all through the three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe, under the royal power and administration of Abbasid, Umayyad, Seljuk, Ghazni, Murabith and Mavahidheen governments. The regions under Abbasids lie through 5000 miles from the river Sindh to Atlantic Ocean. Really, the cause of the paralysis of Islam was not low number of Muslims, not the lack of presence in power and political and social mainstreams. Then what would be the causes of this deterioration.

Due to Absence of Qur’an?

Decades before 521 AH, Qur’an had been compiled making its recitation and learning easy. The science of Qur’an recitation (التجويد) was developed already. And there were too many Tajveed teachers who, camping in various regions, trained the people recitation of Qur’an.

Lack of Qur’an interpreters (مفسر)?

Tafseer of Imam Al-Twabri, Kashaf, Qushairi, Ibn Majah and several renowned interpretations were there for Qur’an in move.

Want of Hadeeth?

Many authentic and genuine Hadeeth books were there on script. Apart from, Swaheeh Al-Bukhari, Swaheeh Muslim, Jami’u Swaheeh Al-Tirmudi, Sunan Abee Davood, Sunan Ibn Majah, Nasa’ee, there were Shamaaill-ul-Tirmudi, Musnad Ahmed Ibn-Hanbal. All these were taught and discussed in deep.

How was Science of Belief (عقيدة)?

The most eminent routs of Aqeeda in the Islamic world, Ash’ari way laid by Imam Abul Hasan Al-Ash’ari and Matureedhi way defined by Imam Matureedhi, were collected by AH 521.

Need of the Jurisprudence (فقه)?

The four Madhabs, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi and Hanbali, and their Us’ool were accumulated. There were too many scholars who had deep knowledge in the four Madhabs.

Short of books in Spiritual Science (تصوف)?

Al-Lam’a of Abu Nasir, Kashful Mahjoob of Alii Bin-Usman Al-Hajweeri and Hilyathul Auliyah were among the famous books in Tasawuf.

Absence of Science, Philosophy and Scientists?

Medical science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Philosophy, Algebra and such several branches of science has reached nearer to the zenith of absolute accomplishment. Muslims have conducted innovations and discoveries. Too many authentic books were written down. Let us number some of the great scientists that Islam contributed to the world of knowledge by the 521th AH.

  1. Muhammad ibn Mūsa al-Ḵwārizmī: Persianmathematicianastronomer and geographer, a scholar in the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. The modern mathematical sense comes from the title of a book, “ilm al-jabr wa’l-muḳābala” ‘the science of restoring what is missing and equating like with like’, by the Muslim mathematician Abū Jafar Muhammad ibn Mūsa al-Ḵwārizmī. His Nick name al-Ḵwārizmī is the root of the word Algorithm.
  1. The three brothers Ahmad, Hasan and Muhammad: These three brothers, sons of Musa bin Shakir discovered a method of trisecting the angle by means of the geometry of motion, contributed a lot in machinery making.
  1. Abu Musa Jābir ibn Hayyān: a prominent polymath: a chemist and astronomer, alchemist, and astrologerengineergeologistphilosopherphysicist, and pharmacist and physician. Jābir is held to be the first practical alchemist.
  1. Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi: Renowned  Persianphysicianalchemist and chemistphilosopher and scholar. Numerous “firsts” in medical research, clinical care, and chemistry are attributed to him.
  1. Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna):A physician and philosopher, created an extensive corpus of works during what is commonly known as Islam’s Golden Age. His most famous works are The Book of Healing, a vast philosophical and scientific encyclopedia, and The Canon of Medicine, which was a standard medical text at many medieval universities.
  1. Al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham: scientistand polymath. He made significant contributions to the principles ofoptics, as well as to a number of other disciplines. His main work is his seven volume treatise on optics Book of Optics (Kitab al-Manazir).
  1. Al-Birunī (Alberonius): “The first anthropologist”. He was one of the first exponents of an experimental method of investigation, introducing this method into mechanicsand what is nowadays called mineralogy, psychology and astronomy.
  1. Ibn Rušd (Averroes): A master of Aristotelian philosophy, Islamic philosophyand Islamic theology.Al-Fārābī (Alpharabius): One of the greatest scientists and philosophers of the Islamic world in his time. He was also a cosmologistlogicianmusicianpsychologist and sociologist. Al-Farabi spent almost his entire life in Baghdad, capital of Abbasids that ruled the Islamic world.

Lack of schools or universities?

By the sixth century Baghdad was the Knowledge Capital of the world. For higher studies, knowledge seekers had been arriving from every nook and corner of the world. Here are some of the universities prevalent in that age:

  • Nizamiya University, Baghdad

Imam Gazali was the principal of this institution. All the Nizamiya colleges in the country were affiliated to this University.

  • Al Azhar University, Egypt
  • Hakim Bin Abdillah College, Egypt
  • Madrasa Sa’adiyya, Nishapur
  • Educational Complex, Ma Wara’un-Nahr (Transoxiana)


  • Bait al-Hikma: A major intellectual center of the Islamic Golden Age. It is said there was one lakh of books.
  • Public Library in Egypt: there was a collection of 10 lakhs of books.
  • Public Librarary in Tripoli comprised of three lakhs of books.
  • Library of Ibn Simar in Ahwaz.
  • Library of Adad Al-Daula in Shiraz.

In short, none of the early mentioned aspects are the reason for deterioration of Islam. What led Islam unto its last breath was something different other than these material reasons.

That is there was absence of the Companionship and Thouheed that Prophet Muhammad T and His Swahaba asked repeatedly to keep with.

In spite of all the advancements and innovations, that we have already mentioned, the lack of willingness in seeking and accepting the companionship of a spiritual master and living as per his suggestions caused all the worst.

It was this crack that Sayed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) repaired. To rectify this insufficiency, He arose a spiritual revolution, focusing at Bab Al Azajj.  He illuminated the pious and profane of the society with the light of Thouheed.

Scholar and ignorant, rich and poor, men and women, sane and profane, drunkards and harlots, all did find solace in his holy presence. Holding his hands they took oath from Almighty Allah. He instilled the Thouheed in their hearts. Advised them not to be digressed from the Sharia. Opened the door of Bai’ath and Repentance before them. Thus their hearts sanctified and enlightened. They become qualified to achieve eternal success.

This divinely designed method to invite the whole world towards Islam, the way the star-like Swahaba practiced, the path through which Thouheed is served and oath is taken, not given a full stop with Jeelani (R.A). But, he delegated his pupils to various regions as khulafa -representatives. Thus this way of Islamic propagation turned to be a popular one, again, after a long interval. Henceforth the way was christened and become famous by the name Qadiriyya Tareeqa (الطريقة القادرية).

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) has too many Khulafa (representatives). The divine light they were given illumined the life-way of thousands and thousands, filled with light the hearts that was enveloped with darkness. They were saviors to those who have been drenching in the unfathomed depth of deadly deeds and debauchery.

Here, within our vicinity, Kerala –India, having the golden string of predecessors to Muhammad T, has emerged Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti as a limelight, illuminating the darkened world.

Quthbuzzaman  Dr. Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Sulthan Shah 

He is the ‘Sulthan’ of the spiritual kingdom. Establishment of Thouheed is His mission. Purification and purgation of human hearts is His intention. He defends the hearts from vicious influence of the Devil.

The Thouheed that we set aside, that we put in our shelves, that we hang in our houses, inside institutions and vehicles, that heard out of the mouth of preacher, that flows from the pen of  writer, that blooms in the masterly touches of a novelist; the serving of this Thouheed into the hearts of human being is His maneuver.

Too many sorts of deterioration and disintegration have reigned over the century we are living in. Islamic intellect has victimized by the cultural demoralization. Things have gone upright down. What that is important has convinced as of no prominence. To say the truth, Islam has lost its spirit unto the inmost part. Nothing but voice of self-deceiving hypocrites and noise of uncivilized beings are being heard. The Islam, which had seamless glory and grandeur in the age before, has contracted into some worthless customs and norms.

It is in such a blemished and bewitched aisle of the current century that the 36th Delegate of Prophet Muhammad T, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti, emerged to us, taking the will of the age into consideration, having endured with the Consent from a holy Delegate in that sacred series of

Messengers of Thouheed.

Visualizing the great drama of the world around Him, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti repeated the comment that Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani did on the world of 6th century, “Herein, dead is the Islam.”

Can’t you get the real meaning of this comment? We are, already, aware of its appropriateness by the age of Sheikh Jeelani. But, what does it have with the modern age? What is your opinion on the modern cultural and religious life-line of Muslims? Is it straightforward? Is it alike to that of the age of Prophet and Swahaba? Never. Never it is!.

Is there any absence of Muslims in the mainstream of power and politics? Are we awfully backward in educational sphere? Why did our country subject to this like deterioration?

Our nation had blessed with the emergence of Islam by the age of Prophet ( Peace be upon him). Later it had witnessed the holy presence of Khwaja Mu’eenudheen Chishti.

Let us probe in to the reasons in brief. Muslims settled organizations to show their mass power. Afterward they made use of organizations for the protection and nourishment of their wicked ideas. This selfishness and falsehood caused them keep away themselves from the teachings Allah and His Prophet asserted. They judged the things they cannot understand as wrong. Whatever and whoever come against their impious acts and concepts were thrown away from the mainstream of society. Thus, gradually, the Islam paralyzed.

To such a world, wherein Islam was paralyzed, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti arrived with the appellation, ‘Sultan’. To the people, to get faith in perfected and stabilized manner he serves the Perfect kalmia thayeba , instructs the world to hold tight on the laws of Sharia, always advises the practical ways to establish Thouheed in hearts.

Challenges and the fact behind

Risala (process of delegating Messengers, رسالة) has a hallowed history. The sacred Thouheed has a heavenly heritage. A heritage that wards off those who were unwilling to suffer, that turns a blind eye to those who were intoxicated with pride and prosperity, that irritates the insidious scholars who are digressed and are keen to lead the humanity astray, that calls for to do away with satanic streaks, that asks for the sacrifice of all that we love and like for the sake of the Creator. The gorgeousness of the Path trod by Ibraheem (A.S) (ملة إبراهيم) was of this splendid heritage. The vigor and the willpower of Ismaeel (A.S) too were of this fabulous heritage.

Pharaoh the Great (Ramses II), Khosrau II and Heraclius were among those who themselves were seen trapped in trouble humiliating this heritage. Bal’am bin Baaoura, even after acknowledging the truth, nailed his own coffin withdrawing from this heritage. Ibn Saqa who defended the Islam for a long time from attacks of infidels, at the end, failed cocking a nook at this heritage. Abu Jahl, Uthba and Sheiba lost their ground opposing this heritage.

The holders of لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله, all through the history, had to encounter too many objections. Its propagators had to come across so many obstructions. Prophet ( Peace be upon him), his Companions and Sheikhs were marked as deprived of truth by the scholars and many of them were banished.

Imam Sha’arani (R.A) comments on the oppositions that Sufi leaders had to come upon:

وقد نقل الثقات منهم الشيخ أبو عبد الرحمن السلمى وأحمد بن خلكان والشيخ عبد الغفار القوصى وغيرهم أنهم نفوا أبا يزيد البسطامى سبع مرات من بسطام بواسطة جماعة من علمائها وشيعوا ذا النون المصرى من مصر إلى بغداد مقيدا مغلولا وسافر معه أهل مصر يشهدون عليه بالزندقة ورموا سمنون المحب أحد رجال القشيرى بالعظائم وأرشوا امرأة من البغايا فادعت عليه أنه يأتيها هو وأصحابه واختفى بسبب ذلك سنة وأخرجوا سهل بن عبد الله التسترى من بلده إلى بصرة ونسبوه إلى قبائح وكفروه مع إمامته وجلالته ولم يزل بالبصرة إلى أن مات بها ورموا أبا سعيد الخراز بالعظائم وأفتى العلماء بكفره بألفاظ وجدوها فى كتبه.

“The trustworthy scholars, Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Sulami, Ahmad bin Khallikhan and Abdul Ghafar Al-Qausi and others quotes: They (the rulers of Bastham) exiled Abu Yazeed Al-Basthami seven times with the help of a group of scholars. They deported Dhunnoon Al-Misri from Misr to Baghdad, took captive and confined. And a folk followed him announcing that he is an infidel (زنديق). They charged vicious allegations against one of his beloved pupil, Sumnoon Al-Muhibb that they gave money to a woman and she imputed adultery to him and his companions. Owing to this he led a hidden life for a year. They expelled Sahl bin Abdillah Al-Tasathuri to Baswara and attributed contemptible deeds to him, accused him of unbelief in spite of his Imamath (Leadership) and majesty. He continued to live in Baswara until the last breath. They imputed inhuman accusations against Abu Saeed Al-Kharaz, the scholars accused unbelief on him quoting some of his words they could see in his books.”

Imam Sha’arani (R.A) continues:

وشهدوا على الجنيد بالكفر مرارا حين كان يتكلم فى علم التوحيد على رؤوس الأشهاد

“They attested too many times that Junaid Al-Baghdadi is Kaafir (non believer) whilst he was preaching on Thouheed to the people.”

To sum up, it is the similar opposition that is prevalent even now. The scholars who get on their nerves watching the growth and escalation of Thouheed are raising hands against Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti. Aren’t you aware of the comment of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) on the scholars of the last age (آخر الزمان)? Let us put a glance on the holy Hadeeth:

علماءهم شر من تحت أديم السماء

“The scholars (of that society) will be the worst beneath the firmament.”


To whom do you surrender your soul and intellect? Against whom do you wage a war? For what benefits do you retard the holy avenue of Thouheed?

Almighty Allah advises us in Qur’an:

واصبر نفسك مع الذين يدعون ربهم بالغداة والعشي يريدون وجهه ولا تعد عيناك عنهم تريد زينة الحياة الدنيا

“And keep the soul content with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His Face; and let not your eyes pass beyond them, seeking the pomp and glitter of this life.”

May this holy Verse create thunders in our mind and thoughts, make us meet with the Holy Souls who seek only their Lord and put their extreme effort in propagating the message of holy Thouheed, thus may Allah bless us to conquer the beguiling apexes of eternal success.

Is this process prevalent today?

As far as we (who live in the last age) are concerned, is there any way to get our Belief perfected and stabilized, to release the last breath with faces smiling and lips chanting لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله?

Prophet Muhammad T said:

لا يصلح آخر هذه الأمة الا بما صلح به أولها

“The last (part) of this society can’t be sanctified but with what the first (part) is purified.”

This Hadeeth emphasizes the truth that the divinely defined method for the propagation of Islam, that Prophet ( Peace be upon him) and His Swahaba followed, will continue to work until the Last Day. We have already discussed on the five essential aspects that found way in the life of our great leaders, Swahaba. i.e.

  1. The Consent (إذن) from God or His Delegates
  2. Thouheed (التوحيد)
  3. Pledge in Thouheed (البيعة)
  4. Love and Companionship (المحبة والصحبة)
  5. Sharia (الشريعة)

These five aspects should be brought together in our life. Only by applying these we can pave our way to success.

Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) says:

وليتحقق بأن الله عز وجل أجرى العادة بأن يكون فى الأرض شيخ ومريد، صاحب ومصحوب، تابع ومتبوع من لدن آدم إلى أن تقوم الساعة.

“Be sure that Allah has established the system that there will be, in the world, Sheikh and the Disciple, Companion and the Accompanied, Follower and the Followed, until the Day of Judgment.”

Yes, this holy string get never be slashed. This saintly series never get a break. This process of enlightenment never gets tainted. What only we have to do is to follow and love the Delegates of Allah in this series, to obey and adore the Representatives of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) in this series.

Imam Sha’arani (R.A) wants us:

فاطلب يا أخى شيخا صادقا إن طلبت الترقي إلى مقام الإخلاص ولا تسأم من طول طلبك له

“O my brother, if you long to reach the stage of Ikhlas (sincerity to Allah) you should seek a Sheikh. Don’t be despaired if your search longs.”

Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti is the Prince of this sacred series of Divine Delegates. He is the representative of Prophet Muhammad T. He is the true Successor of Sheikh Jeelani (R.A). We call you to His sacrosanct presence. Let none surmount your free will. Think for a while… take an honest decision… May Allah bless us.

O Brothers, who long to be the holder of truth retarding the perseverance to the vice… O Scholars who, in spite of degrees and praises by people, haven’t felt the ecstasy of worships… O companions who, even though perform obligatory deeds with much care, lament of lack of truthfulness… O honest men who, although have moved a long way in Sufi Tariq, grieve for want of perfectness…

The golden chance for your success has arrived. The Real Delegate of Prophet Muhammad T and Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) is waiting you having opened the vent to Repentance and Bai’ath,

Awake, awake my dear brother…

Before you lose the turns…

Here, at the end, I wish you to recall the admonition of Sheikh Jeelani (R.A):

إن الإنسان إذا لم يكن تلقن الذكر الشريف الذى هو التوحيد من شيخ مرشد له نسبة متصلة بالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فبعيد أن يستحضرها عند الحاجة إليها وقت مصيبة الموت.

“If a man hasn’t accepted the holy Dikr, the Thouheed, from a Sheikh who can lead to truth and has a spiritual order that reaches unto Prophet Muhammad T, he will be far away from recalling it at the most needed time, which is the last moments of his life-journey.”

Dialogue with  Quthbuzzaman Dr. Shaikh Sulthan Shah 

What is going to be unveiled before you is an extract from the dialogue with Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti.  It can’t be considered even as a preface to the eventful spiritual journey of Sheik Yousuf sultan . It is beyond our ability even to get a glance of that esteemed life and blessed strife.


When was Your highness’ blessed birth?

It was on a Sunday, 17th day of a Ramzan. March 26th of AD 1945.

Family background…

Near before four centuries, Muhammad Muhyidheen and his three younger brothers arrived at Cochin of Kerala from Medina, the city of Holy Prophet ( Peace be upon him).

The three brothers departed to Panazhikkulam, Perumukham and Todupuzha respectively. Muhammad Muhyidheen, the elder one settled in Vennipparamb near Aluva. I was born in his lineage.

There were a great number of scholars and saints in this heredity. Ahmad Pilla is the father and Fatimah mother. Father and grandfather were Islamic scholars.

We have heard of some unusual incidents in connection with your birth. Your good explanation…

Though the delivery pain has started since the last day no delivery was occurred. It was then that a Sayyid, relative of Sayyid Hydros Koya of Cochin, visited us. He said to my father and grandfather: “All your efforts for the delivery will be in vain. The delivery will occur after three days. The baby is in fasting.” Mother had given me birth after three days of delivery pain.

For what was the fasting?

Let us away from such matters. Those who can’t comprehend it will make it an issue of commotion.

There are thousands of Mureeds (spiritual disciple) who can realize. For their sake we hope your description…

That fast was to get promised that no one who holds my hands with good and sincere intention will be subjected to the punishment of the hell.

Is there anything to say to whom who have doubts in this…?

Yes, I have. This doubt can be wiped out if one stretches his sights to the last moments of my Mureeds who have kept the words with me. They will be seen bidding goodbye to their last breath with smiling faces, chanting the holy Kalimathu Shahada. Detractors can save nobody raising censures and doubts. I do prove before your naked eyes the truths I have conveyed to you through my Mureeds. Let intellects think of how the hecklers are going on. One who hesitates to agree the truth even after being convinced of it is leading himself and others away from the real path of Islam. To think of and correct the misguided opinions will be better to the seekers of eternal escape.

On your education…

The beginning of education was from the mosque of my village. My first teacher was Fareed Musliyar. Completed ‘The ten books’ ((عشرة كتب and Umda (العمدة) on Islamic jurisprudence from him. And I fetched the Arabic grammar and linguistics from my father and grandfather. Later, at Titwara studied Tafseers, Mishkath and Ihya’u uloomiddeen and some other books from Bapputty Musliyar who was a man of deep knowledge in the Four Madhabs and was a polyglot too. His holy shrine locates at the burial ground in Solapur which is the resting place of too many renowned saints.

A depiction on the beginning of your ‘journey’…

I realized that Bombay is a dwelling place of living and reposing Auliyas of Almighty Allah. I was deeply influenced by this truth. I came to know that there are all the settings to enter the avenue to great God.  Hence I intended to reach Bombay.  Collecting the address of my uncles, who owned a hotel in Bombay, I set off from Aluwa railway station. Lived with them for about three months. But, after some months they made me return to home. There I did visit father and mother. And again I left for Bombay and went to uncles. With a bit of anger they asked me that ‘on whose expectation did you come here?’ ‘In expectation of Allah’, I said. It was the truth too. No uncles were my intention. No their hotel was my expectation. For the sake of Allah I left their hotel. Sat down on the fringe of a shop in Bildi Bazar.

Around the time of Subah I went to the nearest masjid. Prayed the Subah. Recited the holy Qur’an. Thereafter visited the  mausoleum of Sheikh Abdul Rahman at BistiMulla. There I felt a sort of irritation. I slept there. In dream I saw a Dargah located at the shore of sea. When enquired, a man informed me of such a Dargah in Haji Ali. Along with him I went to Haji Ali. The Dargah was beside the sea. On those days it was impossible to sit in its surrounding at evenings due to the clash of waves. Now an absolute change is wrought there. The mainland increased. Masjid and other facilities are arranged. I spend days offering Yaseen for my forefathers, performing Haddad Ratheeb and repeatedly reciting Sura Al-tabaraka and other verses I have by hearted earlier. I said to the Bava in Haji Ali Dargah that if I get a sum of ten rupees I will stay there. I let the man came along with me return. At the next arrival I got a new ten rupee not from Bava. In those days one can survive for two weeks with ten rupees.

Whether the Sura Al-Yaseen and Ratheeb were by the suggestion of Sheikhs (spiritual teachers)?

It was as per the permission by my father. At the beginning of everything I offer Sura Al-Yaseen on my forefathers.

How long did you stay at Haji Ali?

While the ten rupee given by Bava came near to end, I struck up an acquaintance with Pasha Bhai, a native of Mangalore. Being able to read and write English he offered me a job as the cashier in his own hotel.

I had been watching Pasha Bhai’s unusual and frequent visits to home. Enquiry brought me to a conclusion that his wife has been suffering from severe pain at stomach at intervals. It is then that Pasha Bhai hurries to home. Two operations were held. Yet not cured. When pain attacks should hurry to hospital. All these I did get from a worker in that hotel.

“If he gives me 50 Rupees I will cure it”, I promised. Being informed of my words Pasha Bhai invited me to his house. “I will come when the pain crabs for the next time”, I replied. On the third day the pain attacked again. Pasha Bhai called me and gave a bit of water chanting holy verses. The pain cured and I got 50 Rupees.

News of the recovery of Pasha’s wife spread all around. It was then Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana arrived at BistiMulla. Mudaris (teacher) in the masjid was a Mureed of Faqrudheen Moulana. He too came to know the news of her recovery from the long-termed frustration. This event endowed me with a chance to get introduced with him. He was the first to suggest me Riyadha (spiritual exercise).

Which are the Riyadhas you have performed at the early stage?

To arrive at the holy presence of Prophet Muhammad T, one should pass through the ‘Great Gate’ of the ‘Knowledge City’, Ali Bin AbeeTwalib (R.A). To achieve this great goal, Sufi Moulana suggested me a Dikr to spell in continuous forty one nights in the Joolan Ground at Bombay. Alone, in the vast ground, until the Subah, forty one nights.

Did you meet with Ali Bin AbeeTwalib (R.A)? An explanation…

Two days after the commencement of Riyadha I saw a horse striding toward me. I kept on spelling the Dikr with tightly closed eyes. On the 21st day two policemen came and tried to converse with me. I didn’t unlid my eyes. Didn’t let my tongue move. But continued Dikr. They went back after some time. I had watched too many things in dream, but was not satisfied with them.

On the 41st day, while returning after being completed the Riyadha, I met a man with a smiling face and wide biceps. He offered me Salam. He seemed to be Fareed Musliyar of my native place. I enquired of the conditions of my place. But all that he retorted was something unheard and unusual matters. He stretched a list of many incidents going to take place in the future and explained it. Then I invited Him to serve a cup tea. ‘I don’t drink tea from hotels’, he said. ‘Then, where from did you have food?’ I compelled him to have a cup of tea. But by the time I returned ordering two glasses of tea, he had trodden away. Afterwards, I explained all these to Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana and he said that it was Ali Bin AbeeTwalib (R.A). Then I wrote a letter to my father depicting all that happened and asked whether Fareed Musliyar had been to Bombay on the day I met the man of same complexion. But in return he informed me that Fareed Musliyar had gone nowhere and advised me to hold firm the Sheikh who has suggested me the Riyadha.

Had Sufi Moulana suggested any more Riyadha thereafter?

Yes, he had. To meet with Khilr (A.S) he asked me to perform a Dikr sitting beside the Haji Ali Dargah. Sometimes waves tread towards me. But I continue chanting Dikr with closed eyelids. While returning after 41 days, almost at 5’O clock by morning, I came across a man, a tall and fat person with black complexion, standing at the front side of the Dargah with a bag hanging in his shoulder. No sooner he saw me than called me by my name. I felt embarrassed. How did you get my name? I asked. Then he called me again adding up my father’s and grandfather’s names. Were you alive when all they were alive? I asked again. Yes, I was alive, he answered and holding my hand he said: ‘Take your seat. I have something to tell you.’ Being seated there, I saw him plucking and eating a shrub. ‘Why do you eat it?’ I enquired. ‘Having eaten it I will feel no thirst and hunger’, he explained. As like Ali bin Abi-Twalib (R.A) he too explicated many things going to take place in the future.

He, then, suggested that Allah cannot be met only by taking a seat in any grounds or dargahs, but should stay away from the contact with peoples. Then how do I get my bread and butter? I showed my doubt. For a whole year I will bear your expense, he offered and wanted me to spend every day all that I get in that day. Afterwards, prescribed me some verses from Sura Al-An’am to recite daily. When awake after going to bed having recited the verses I would get a ten rupee note underneath my pillow. Every day I have been getting this ten rupee note.

It was then Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana gave the next Riyadah, which was of Bismi. Duration of the Riyadah was six months and has to take fast whole the six continuous months. The food had to be cooked by myself. Having finished this Riyadah I have shown too many Karamath (miracles). It was during that period that I made the rain shower in lieu of ten rupees and cured many a patients.

How long did you get ten rupees?

For, more or less, one year. Afterwards, as per Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana’s advice I set out to Ajmer Khwaja. The first thing he wanted me, when I reached there, was to stop that ten rupee-dealing. If so, who will bear my livelihood? I retorted. Be relied on the Almighty, he advised. After seven days from the visit to Ajmer Khwaja I set off a Spiritual journey to Rouza, the Holy Mausoleum of Prophet Muhammad T. Ajmer Khwaja too was there. Then opened the gate of Rouza and lifted up the silk on the Rouza. I myself removed the soil from above the shrine and then my fingers wounded. Subsequently I came face to face with Muhammad T. His Highness Rasool T embraced me. Said some matters of much importance. Since then, I became free of body odour. It was then onwards that I started communicating with those in shrines.

There are Sheikh Madarshah Qadiri and Sayyid Muhammad Badusha Qadiri Yemeni in your Silsila (Sufi order). Then, haven’t you got Tareeqa and Khilaphat from Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana?

Yes, I have got Khilaphat in Qadiriyya Tareeqa (not in the Perfect Thouheed) from Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana. Aside from this I have got khilaphat in six other Tareeqas.

Which were those thuruq? And who were Sheikhs?

I got Qilaphat in Qadiriyya tareeqa for the first time from Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana.


Qilaphat in Rifaiyya tareeqa from Sheikh Sayyid Ismaeel, Rajasthan.


Qilaphat in Qilriyya from Sheikh Sayyid Muhammad bin Ab-ul-Gazali of Banduppa in Bombay.


khilaphat in Chishtiya from Sheikh Farooq Husain Chishti and have got internally i.e. spiritually from Ajmer Khwaja.


khilaphat in Naqshabandhiyya from Sheikh Ameer Miyan of Rampur.


khilaphat in Shaduliyya from Sayyid Shadui of Androth Island.


Finally, I was endowed with the khilaphat in the Perfect Qadiriyya Tareeqa by Sayyid Muhammad Badusha Qadiri Yemeni.

When did you visit Baghdad for the first time?

Once, along with Sheikh Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana, went to Rampur, wherein has been the settlement of Faqrudheen Moulana’s Spiritual Teacher, Sheikh Ahmed Jalaludheen. When two months passed after I reached there, we were informed that Sheikh Jalaludheen’s mother, who is in Baghdad, has gone into bed. Hence, when starting to Baghdad, Sheikh Jalaludheen said looking at me, “let our little Sulthan come along us.” Thus, in company with them, travelled to Baghdad by sea.

What happened in Baghdad?

In Baghdad firstly we reached at Sheikh’s house. His mother, who has been in bed for two years, when saw her son arrived, awoke and embraced him. A bit after, showing me the Shrine of Sheikh Jeelani, he said me that his responsibility is over. Then, along with me, went to the Shrine. There, the servers of Dargah kissed his hand and handed the key of Shrine over to him. To reach the Maqbara, seven doors have to be opened. There I saw my father. A moment so nervous, that I couldn’t even complete reciting Sura Al-Yaseen. I asked Sheikh the permission to stay there. But he refused and suggested me to go out of the Shrine within an hour. When I reached there I felt to have entered a new unknown world. A feeling indescribable enveloped me and situations gone too awful to words. Coming out from the Shrine, again I asked permission to stay there. Though he compelled me to sleep at home, allowed reside there that night.

How did you get the appellation Sulthan?

Many have called me Sulthan. At the first night of our arrival at Baghdad, after my Tahajjud Namaz Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) came and placing hand on my head he called me “Sufi Muhammad Yousuf Sulthan.”  “Renew the contract first and then can we talk,” he said.

What was meant by his suggestion “Renew the contract?”

I enquired many of my friends, who were Auliyas of Allah, the real meaning of the words of Jeelani (R.A) and many sheikhs. Various persons gave different explanations. I did examine all. But Jeelani (R.A) rejected all. It was, at last, when I met with Sheikh Muhammad Badusha Qadiri that I got the clear idea of what Jeelani (R.A) said.

Hence, I got endued with my turn to renew the contract in the Perfect Thouheed. Renewal of the contract that God had had with the human beings is meant with it.

Can describe how did you met with Muhammad Badusha Qadiri?

On the word of Haji Malang Bava I began reading Khutba and reference in the masjid near to the Shrine of Qamar Ali Darvesh in Shivapur. During my stay there once I happened to see Sayyid Muhammad Badshah Qadiri Yamani and Madarshah Qadiri in a dream. Then the third day was a Friday. First to meet them by naked eye was when I sat on the rostrum for Khuthuba. After Khuthuba, Namaz and Dua they came to my room and initiated the discussions on Tasawuf. Me and Muhammad Badusha (R.A) went on discussing for a long while. Afterward, when they turned the way of discussion to the Perfect Thouheed and the Renewal of Contract, it came to my mind the dream I saw just before three days and I recalled the Contract that Jeelani (R.A) talked of and the words of Ali (R.A). Then, in memory of the events and those words, I put an end to asking questions. From then on the discussion continued in line with the Perfect Thouheed and its Secrets. They convinced me the the secret pulp and amoz of Thouheed. That night Muhammad Badusha Qadiri (R.A) made Madarsha Qadiri (R.A) stay at Shivapur to let me swear oath (بيعة) and he went back. That same night, I swore the Oath in the perfect way of the complete Thouheed. After two weeks, in the presence of Madarsha Qadiri, Badusha Qadiri (R.A) gave vent to the Talqeen (تلقين).

How long did you perform Khuthuba in Shivapur and have performed Khuthuba anywhere other?

H had performed Khuthuba in Shivapur more than two years. Occasionally has performed Khuthuba in Kalyan, Titwara and Tellichery.

Had you been delivered speech?

By early days, I had been making speech in Urdu. While I censured the noxious deeds of some Moulanas they used the devil power. As a result frequently it seemed that the tongue comes not out when speech. Rasool T, with a gesture said that the Sihr will be cured. ….

When did You get khilaphath in this way of the Perfect Thouheed?]

It was on November 25, 1975 that Muhammad Badusha Qadiri (R.A) offered me the Qilaphat, and was in a Du-Al-Qa’ad month at the Halkatta Shareef that locates nearbyWadi in Karnataka.

Is it only Sufi Faqrudheen Moulana that suggested you Riyadha?

No. Betwixt 1962 and 1975 I have completed too many Riyadhas. A lot of them were severe.

A description over it..?

If I attempt to describe them all and the events occurred along with them, may have to write many books. Those who, warding off from this spiritual zone, confined the Tasawuf in some books may be embarrassed. The description may make them be away. To let them away is not my mission, but to make them nearer to Allah and His Messenger.

Let your own selves work hard in establishing Thouheed in inmost part of your hearts and strengthen your Belief. Seeking a Sheikh, try to thrust aside the filths in your hearts. Thus, be the living models of the real Belief. Lead those who are ignorant of the true path to Allah and His Messenger T. It is the necessity of the age.

Have Muhammad Badusha Qadiri (R.A) granted the Commission to give Qilaphat?

Yes, it has mentioned in the Qilaphat Namah. It is to do away with such doubts that I asked to publish it.

How many Qaliphas do Sheikhuna have?

There are more than 30 Qaliphas in order of the Perfect Thouheed. Above 3000 is the number of Qaliphas in Qadiriyya, Chishtiyya, Khilriyya, Rifa’iyya, Shaduliyya, and Naqshabandhiyya, being inside and outside Kerala.

Tareeqa and Qilaphat are the ways to be nearer to Allah, not a business. That is why I am of not the practice of jotting down their names and addresses.

Let the people meet with Allah at its maximum, it is my desire. I ask not that all should do Bai’ath from me but to achieve the success swearing the oath in the presence of my Qaliphas or any other Sheikhs who serve the Perfect Thouheed.

In the Perfect Thouheed have you offered the Qilaphat to anyone outside karala?

Yes, I have.


Can You name anybody of them…?

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Shah Qadiri of Bombay and Sheikh Noorudheen Shah Qadiri of Vorli are among them.

Have you Mureeds only in India?

No. I have Mureeds in Egypt, Russia, America, Qatar, sudan, Iraq, Malaysia, UAE and so on. Tareeqa has no boundaries of countries or organizations. It is meant for anyone at any nook of the world, if wish to be a good believer.

Some do claim that Tareeqa is meant to accept after the completion of Sharia. Another set of people assert that members of Tareeqa need not Sharia. Some others avow that to achieve success there is no need of Tareeqa, Sharia is enough. Which of these arguments is true? How is the connection between Sharia and Tareeqa? Is one of them enough for a man to be successful? Your good explanation…

Two groups of people are there, whom Prophet ( Peace be upon him) did fear most in connection with the humanity, pseudo-scholars and bogus-sheikhs. These people try to deviate the society from the right path. They make conflicts of ideas in people’s mind and raise doubts and confusions in regard with Tareeqa and Sharia.

Both Tareeqa and Sharia are taught by Allah and His Messenger. As far as a Muslim is concerned they are necessary. To deny them means denial of teachings of Allah and His Messenger. Is it suitable for a Muslim? Think… In sum, those who deny Tareeqa and accept only Sharia are the pseudo-scholars the Prophet ( Peace be upon him) warned of and those who refute Sharia and agree to only Tareeqa are the bogus-sheikhs the Prophet ( Peace be upon him) presaged of. There is no room for doubt in it. What do those, who claim the acceptance of Tareeqa after Sharia, mean? I can’t get it. When will be that day of completion of Tareeqa? Is it when the dead body is brought to the grave or within the grave? To be a truthful holder of Sharia, one needs to accept Tareeqa and to be an honest holder of Tareeqa he must agree with Sharia. This is the truth about the matter.

On seeking knowledge…

Knowledge is the basis of the greatness of human being. It was with knowledge that Allah elevated the grandeur of Adam (A.S), father of the mankind. Qur’an asserts that the knowledgeable and ignorant are never similar to one another. Islam affords a high status to the seekers of knowledge and preachers of it.

To achieve the real goal of knowledge, it might be useful. Prophet ( Peace be upon him) has sought protection from the knowledge that lacks utility. When the educated person, the scholar, gets purged and his heart purified, then only do his knowledge be helpful to him. When he conveys it to others, they too get the better out of his knowledge.

To come to the point, a scholar is in need of two qualifications to be a real scholar. First and foremost, to be sanctified himself and the next, to consecrate others.

They are the real successors of prophets as Prophet ( Peace be upon him) remarked:

العلماء ورثة الأنبياء

“Scholars are the successors of Prophets.” Hypocrites not they are. But are Mumins who renewed their contract with Allah.

Message to the world humanity…

The world wherein we live is bursting with troubles and dilemmas. Nations, politics, organizations, families and even persons are not in rid of this lethal situation. To be purified after the resolution of all problems is mere illusion. That is the purification of a human being is meant not only for material success, but also, may be with more emphasis, to gain the eternal success. From onwards the death do his Life-Hereafter begins. Before the arrival of the angel of death man could move on through the path of virtue and truth.

I invite the world humanity to the Perfect Thouheed. The prophets held this Thouheed. Prophet ( Peace be upon him) enlightened the society with this Thouheed. Auliyas of Allah, including Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) purified the society with this Thouheed.

It is to this holy Thouheed, to the real Islam, that I invite you. I am going on with this mission with the Consent from the part of Allah.

This is not a huge movement or an organization. But a way that Allah defined, Prophet Muhammad T and Swahaba showed, Auliyas and Arifs of Allah handed over.

I assure you that you too can accomplish the eternal success if you move through this path.

Messages of Sheikh Sulthan Sha Qadiri

  • Propagation of Thouheed: My Mission

It was the divine message of holy Thouheed “لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله” that all the prophets delegated to the world bore witness to. All who emerged with this sanctified message had to overcome too many obstacles and objections.

أشد الناس بلاء الأنبياء فالأولياء فالأمثل فالأمثل

It is then the holy words of Prophet Muhammad T, “Those who has to face the most critical sufferings are the Prophets (الأنبياء), then Auliyas (الأولياء) and those who tread their foot prints” expose the fullest sense of term. Prophet Muhammad T, His blessed Swahaba and Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) too had been subjected to severe tortures and torments. They gained triumph over it all with flying colors.

Following my departure it will be the era of the reign of Mahdi (A.S). He too will have to deal with too many agonies and anguishes. The imprudent scholars will take the helm of assault against him. Those who embarked the spiritual avenues will be informed of Mahdi (A.S) by their Sheikhs. They will support and assist him at every critical junctures.

The dissidents will be misguided scholars as it is nowadays. A scholar who conducts contest and combat against the Thouheed and Prophet Muhammad T is not the real scholar in the Islamic venue. Because, Prophet ( Peace be upon him) preached us:

علماء أمتى كأنبياء بنى إسرائيل “Scholars of my Ummah (community) are akin to the prophets of Banee Israeel” and too many Hadithes, bearing the same implication are reported in praise of the scholars. All these holy statements imply the scholars who have obtained the Knowledge of Yaqeen (علم اليقين) and the Devine Knowledge (المعرفة). Not those who learned the jurisprudential perceptions and peripheral theories.

The malicious movements of bewitched scholars, power and prosperity, might and main have nothing to do with us. That is, we are the real believers. We have entrusted everything to Him, the Almighty Allah.

If the ultimate supremacy were consigned to power, pride and sinful scholars, prosperous Farova (Ramses II) should have survived. Wealthy Qaroon should have sustained. Mighty Jalooth should have endured. Knowledgeable Bal’am and Ibn Saqa should have fostered. None of them could attain the supremacy on believers. Wonderful to say, Prophet Moosa (A.S), who was grown up in the palace of Farova, took the helm. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, who admired the Auliyah of Allah, ruled the roost. Talooth, whom Allah did prefer, cracked the whip.

I have initiated the process of propagation of holy Thouheed being endowed with the permission of Allah.

I wish to warn you that if the persistence and still-preserved stateliness are the obstacles before you to accept the truth you can’t enjoy the eternal success. If the barricades laid by the organizations and the thought of some disciples are obstructions before you, you can’t achieve the ultimate triumph. If the fear of lose of material wealth is the blockade which curbs you from crossing the threshold of the heavenly avenue of Qadiriyya Sufi Order, you will be driven out from Almighty Allah’s clemency and compassion.

  • Never do Retreat from the Mission

I have been provided with the Qilaphath of various Tareeqas from several Sheikhs. Qilaphath of Qadiriyya Tareeqa was bestowed by Sayyid Muhammad Badusha Qadiri Yamani (R.A), who rests in peace at Wadi in Karnataka.

I have seen too many Karamaths (Miracles); have showed much more Karamaths. As for me it is not a matter to be considered.

Prophet Muhammad T, Ali Bin AbeeTwalib (R.A), Muhyidheen Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) and other Sheikhs have advised me not to indulge in demonstration of miracles; but to resurrect the dead hearts with the Thouheed.

My desire was to worship the Almighty Allah in solitude. But they compelled me to live among the people and enlighten their blemished hearts with the light of Thouheed. Never do I retreat from this mission assigned to me through them.

I hurt no one; but heal the real hurt. I pain no one; but cure the real pain. I stretch a helping hand to the people to reach the absolute perfectness of Thouheed, thus making them able to leave the last breath with smiling face and lips chanting the Thouheed.

You can realize this truth if you watch my Mureeds at the death bed. Those who turn a blind eye even after convinced of this truth are picking their way to the hell, I warn.

Beware..! Those who allege that محمد رسول الله has no proof and لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله is not meant to repeat are pursuing the path of Christians and Jude and are looking down the prominence of Thouheed.

Don’t hurt the sleeping lion. Don’t walk in to lion’s den. It will lead to perdition. As far as I am concerned it is impossible to terminate the mission assigned by God in fear of His slaves. If you wish me to put an end to the propagation of Thouheed you will be despaired in both Here and Hereafter worlds.

They do not nourish Islam; but do perish

Almighty Allah, His Messenger Muhammad T and our great predecessors have conveyed the divine message of Islam to the world. Islamic civilization has its own heavenly bestowed pride and prestige. Its doctrines and dogmas are built upon the basis of sanctity. Sustenance and stability of its genuineness and grandeur is the necessity of the age. Institutions and educational milieu, which are proficient to back up the survival of this genuineness, should be established and facilitated all around the world.

Nowadays both Islamic and material educational institutions are being built up using wealth gained with no considering whether it is Halal or Haram. When institutions get constructed with the capital collected through prohibited means, the products of such institutions destroy Islam in spite of flourishing it. A scholar came out of such an institution won’t be the follower of Prophet Muhammad T; but will try his best to tarnish and deface Him and the way laid by Him. In nutshell, the fruit of such institutions will be precise opposite of what is desired and expected.

Prophet Muhammad T makes us aware:

كل لحم نبت من حرام فالنار أولى به

“Every bit of flesh fed with Haram is deserved to Hell”.

If we keep apart such prohibited wealth we may have to undergo severe tumult and economic crisis. Gaining triumph over such predicaments, we should keep up the interests and inclination of Almighty God and our predecessors.

الذى خلق الموت والحيوة ليبلوكم أيكم أحسن عملا

“He Who created Life and Death, that He may try which of you is best in deed.”

Yes, He has given us birth and fostered us with his mercy to examine our deeds and activities, to evaluate our obedience and submission to him and to Islam. A Muslim should always be aware of the message of this holy verse in its fullest sense. Then, we will not be bothered of difficulties. We will not be paralyzed by intricacies. To gain the goal by any means, it isn’t our way. But it should be abide by the rules and regulations of Islam.  And it should be finished in a manner satisfactory to Allah, His Messenger and the great forefathers who won the eternal success.

Nowadays, our surroundings and circumstances have worsened to such a distance that we have become unable to be away from Haram. Struggling against the non-Islamic norms and customs, we should endeavor with utmost might to reach the perfectness of real Islam. This is my message to the world.

May Allah bring our organizations and institutions to the Great Goal, Ameen.

Truth cannot be concealed

Truth can be concealed for no long. Attempt to hide the son with blanket is mere illusion. Effort of thousands of tongues and pens to represent a truth as untruth makes not a truth untruth. Censures of enemies against Prophet Muhammad T were so scrupulous and venomous that a believer expected not to repeat it. Accursed Iblees will fight with tooth and nail to draw on impediments in the way of the messengers of Thouheed. Blood relation, affiliation to organizations, financial assistance, pomp of power and pride – all will be a weapon in the hands of Iblees. He will make use of segregation, seclusion and menace. Showing up the scorn of scholars against this Holy Path he will deceive us. Our predecessors has faced and surmounted his swindles with their strong and steadfast belief in Allah and His Messenger. We too can get triumph over his tricks with unwavering belief. Such is the history of Thouheed. Who spread slanders and scandals to divest people from Thouheed and its messengers will have to repent.

Almighty Allah says:

يا أيها الذين آمنوا إن جائكم فاسق بنبإ فتبينوا ان تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين

“O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest they harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what they have done.” Here the wicked person (فاسق) is the talebearer and scandalmonger. They sow the seeds of disorder and chaos in human hearts. God commands us to trace the truth in what they have said because there may be germs of havoc in their words.

Prophet Muhammad T reveals a truth before us:

علمائهم شر من تحت عديم السماء من عندهم تخرج الفتنة

“The scholars in them are the worst beneath the firmament. The disorder delivers from them.”

Each and every scholar has to contemplate on whether he belongs to such spiteful group of scholars. A self-evaluation of one’s own thoughts and deeds is inevitable. In various Muslim groups and organizations now prevalent, there may be too many people who long to be in agreement with the truth if they get convinced of it.  But those who tread against the messengers and propagators of Thouheed, even after being convinced of the truth, tread, of course, to annihilation. Mu’mins (Believers) may breed from Mushriks, but not from bastards. At the same time, there may be scholars from bastards. It is mentioned in the interpretation of the holy verse عتل بعد ذلك زنيم (Surah Al-Qalam 13). Such scholars will be persistent on their misdeeds in spite of accepting the truth of which he is conscious and try a blow at the messengers and holders of Thouheed. They are self-deceiving hypocrites. They should ready for a self-exploration.

If dissent Qaliphas Failure is definite

Almighty Allah, the Creator of human being, has delineated the way of life human should move forth. He has defined the purpose of life to achieve, instructed what to believe, and inculcated what to practice and what not. Winners are those who get to the target through the path God described. If go by unlawful means failure might be followed.

To attain the goal of being identified  with Allah, human should accept the means Allah himself has made out. Making use of ideas and ideals sprouted in his insight and logic will not lead to the objective, and is dangerous too.

Human purpose is to recognize Almighty Allah, to worship Him, hence gain his nearness and contentment.

It is to fulfill this goal that Allah delegated His Khulapha starting from Adam (A.S). These Khulapha will continue to be in arena until the Day of Judgment. They are the aisles and mediators (وسيلة), who lead human being to Allah’s august presence. Being devoid of these mediators none can get in touch with Allah.

World history is the explicit witness to the downfall of the egotists who closed the eyes to the Khulapha of Allah.

Turning a deaf ear against the convinced truths and approved paradigms human is staving off from the Creator, Allah.

One who stick with the perception, that the Khulapha of Allah should be himself or the person he prefers and if not he will dissent, is an ill-fated person. Not only they keep at bay from Khulapha ,but make others ward off from the Khulapha of Almighty. They are moving on reconciled with the temptations of Iblees and deserve the absolute breakdown. They may have material facilities and influences. But eternal success is mere illusion to them.

They have parallels in their predecessors. They had eyes. They had ears. They had hearts. But, ego and doggedness kept them away from truth. Ultimately, when Death put its icy hands on them and they were assured of the ultimate failure, their facilities or luxuries couldn’t save them. Their influences and relations couldn’t escape them.

Penetrating punishment is waiting to put hold on such human beings. Holy Qur’an affirms that they are inferior even to animals:

ولقد ذرأنا لجهنم كثيرا من الجن والإنس لهم قلوب لا يفقهون بها ولهم أعين لا يبصرون بها ولهم آذان لا يسمعون بها اولئك كالأنعام بل هم أضل اولئك هم الغافلون

“Many are the Jinns and men we have made for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle – nay more misguided; for they are heedless (of warning).”

Go back to Real Islam

Islam is complete and comprehensive. Sharia’ and Tareeqa are the essential elements of Islam. What Prophet Muhammad T propagated before fourteen centuries was the perfect Islam that is inclusive of Sharia’ and Tareeqa. Swahaba and our predecessors were the followers of such an Islam.

Some organizations spoiled Islam on behalf of reformation and renaissance. Chopping down its vital components they present a New Islam, trying to convince that it is Islam. Perilous is this crooked attempt. Depriving this New Islam, the humanity has to retain the Real Islam, which is the Old Islam.

Tareeqa is not a newly established organization or movement, but is an essential element of Islam. It was preached and practiced by Prophet Muhammad T. Those who attempt to extort it out of Islam are demanding to cut down a part of Islam. A Muslim can’t agree with this point of view. He can’t disregard and undervalue Tareeqa, the inevitable ingredient of Islam. To disrespect and deprecate the values of Islam is the nature of Munafiqs (Hypocrites). Allah warns that Munafiqs and Kafirs (Unbelievers) will meet together in the Hell.

Qadiriyya Tareeqa is the authentic path laid by Sheikh Muhyidheen Jeelani (R.A). Too many organizations are trying to extinguish the light of this heavenly avenue. I say, it is impossible. We wish you to look back and brood over the pathetic fall of Abrahah, his troops and elephants, who invaded Makkah aiming to destruct the Holy Ka’aba. Allah castigated them with birds coming in large flights and flinging stones at the army which caused a great pestilence to arise and destroy the whole of Abrahah’s army. Thus the Almighty Allah defeated his sacrilegious intentions. It is He, who protected the Ka’aba, on Who we rely on. He will certainly defend this holy path from assails of scholars and assaults of intoxicated beings. We are not bothered of its supremacy and of God’s dominancy.

Prophets of Almighty Allah arrived with message of Thouheed. All the prophets were possessors of لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله. It is asserted by Prophet Muhammad T that the scholars are the successors of prophets. Prophets and Auliyas had accepted this holy Thouheed either from Allah or from the Qaliphas he consented to, and lived abide by the decree defined by them. It is then, when apply this mode of living to one’s own life, the scholars get upgraded to the position of successor of prophets. They are the genuine Islamic scholars and they deserve the eternal success.

Aboo Lahab, Aboo Jahl, Utbah and Shaibah were among the opponents of Thouheed. It is not their way, but the way of Prophets and Auliyah, who ascertained the Thouheed in their inner part of heart, should we trace it no!.

Organizations caused corrosion of Islam

By the current days, in Kerala, Islam means a flight of organizations. The ideas and policies designed and proposed by them are being introduced on the label of Islam. Providing the organizations with authenticity and infallibility will cause the annihilation of Islam. Some of the organizations claim themselves as the authentic organization of scholars. Who did bestow these organizations with authenticity?! On what basis do they assert the authenticity?! Is the declaration of a self-proposed course of action makes the criterion of authenticity and authoritativeness?!

Organizing of Islam has been a ground for its deterioration. It means not, we are not in need of organizations. In a country like India, organizations may make a better part of Islamic propagation. But, nowadays, in spite of spreading Islam by the means of organizations, organizations are introduced and its boundaries are broadened using Islam. It’s a sort of exploitation, aiming at the attainment of self-announced aspirations. The view ‘the organization itself is Islam and its policies are policies of Islam,’ is incorrect.

Islam means the preaching of Allah and His Messenger T. It is the way Prophet Muhammad T, Swahaba and Auliyah moved on. By the time passed, Auliyah had been taken the helm of Muslim Ummah. Sheikhs of Tareeqa were of supreme personality and were delegates of Almighty Allah. These dignified delegates could guide the humanity to the right path and assure the ultimate success.

It is due to their being the real delegates of Allah that the eminent leaders like Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) could promise:

مريدى تمسك بى وكن بي واثقا ؛ فأحميك فى الدنيا ويوم القيامة

“Oh my Mureed! Hold me tight, that I will protect you Here and on the day of Judgement.”

Such great men only can give surety on the perpetual safety of their followers. In the world, there are too many organizations. However, none of them can offer such an indemnity. Nevertheless, the messengers and delegates of Almighty Allah can. There is no room for doubt in it. That is why our predecessors fell in line with the Sheikhs of tareeqa, and solicited us to trace their paces.

Ever since the organization claimed the leadership of society, they lost the headship of holy delegates of Allah. Notwithstanding the advancements caused by the organizations, the spiritual slump we happened to encounter is hazardous and is a hindrance to eternal success, which is the ultimate ambition of a Muslim.

Those who agree with the authenticity of organizations and follow its self-deceiving leaders should make a second thought, that whether they do stretch a helping hand in the Hereafter world.

Organizations, however, are mere organizations. It is not our scriptures and isn’t meant for our spiritual leadership. Such a decree and leadership is unfamiliar to Islam. Allah and Prophet ( Peace be upon him) didn’t instruct of it. Never does Allah ask the human being ‘why don’t you follow the organizations?’

On the contrary, Allah will question us, that why didn’t we seek the means for refinement of soul and why didn’t we follow a torchbearer who can bring us nearer to Him?’ We might answer these questions.

To spend our life span for the organizations, which conduct debates and challenges for the fulfillment of self desires and self-created narrow views, is indiscreet and imprudent.

Wisdom and power of comprehension are the invaluable blessings given by Allah. Holy Quran repeatedly alert us: أفلا تعقلون؟ “Don’t you think?” and “Don’t you understand?” and so on. Let us think with the God-given intellect, that whom should we accept, whom reject and under whose supremacy should we bow. Let us not surrender our intelligence.

Prophet Muhammad T says:

لا يصلح آخر هذه الأمة الا بما صلح به أولها

“The last-comers of this Ummah may not be sanitized but with what the predecessors were purified with.”

Thoroughly study the history of forefathers. Brooding over it, you may be enlightened with the truth that they were pruned and purged through the trainings and teachings of Prophet Muhammad T, His Swahaba, and their noble delegates, Auliyah. It was their guidance that led them to virtue. Even at this modern age none but they can guide us.

So, bow before them. Obey them. Be obliged to them, that they are the access to spiritual serenity and the path to perpetual placidity.

Restore the tradition of Thouheed

The Islam Prophet Muhammad T sermonized is the complete Islam. He put the external and internal parts of Islam viz. Sharia’ and tareeqa into practice thus making his own life a good ideal for the humanity. Taking to consideration and teaching an element of Islam depriving the other will result in the denial of eternal success. To be in pursuit of vague ideas drooping down the obvious message of Thouheed will bring nothing but refusal of God’s blesses.

Prophet Muhammad T has introduced two groups of scholars. One of them are the accursed scholars who themselves get blemished and make others deviate from the right path. Prophet ( Peace be upon him) marked them as

شر من تحت أديم السماء “the worst beings beneath the firmament.”

They make people inattentive of the remembrance of Allah; summon the society to get confined within the boundaries of groups and organizations. They should think what they have with them to achieve the eternal success and those who follow them should contemplate on what did they get hitherto.

None but an illegitimate person can stand against the Sheikhs, even after being convinced of the truth. Others may get turn to repent and they should take the better out of it.

The second groups of scholars are those who have accomplished high status near Allah. Allah will amplify their grandeur with no bounds. The Qur’an attests this truth:

يرفع الله الذين آمنوا منكم والذين اوتوا العلم درجات

“Allah will raise up to ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted knowledge.”

They, those scholars, are successors of prophets and truthful holders of Thouheed. The mission they have to accomplish is the propagation of Thouheed. They should be powerful and trustworthy enough to lash out the charm of the material world from his heart and iniquitous thoughts from his mind. He will be qualified to lead the humanity to the sanctity of the heritage of Thouheed.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) showed us the real path of Islam that was preached by Prophet Muhammad T. Through them we should reach unto that glorious string Thouheed and ultimate success.

Where has the spirit of Islam gone?

As for Kerala, the publishing sector is, to an extent, blotched and subjected to insidious interference. For some years the publications here spread are of contents and ideas against Islam, but in the label of Islam, which were planned and practiced by Jades. When organizations compete in distributing these anti-Islamic products in incognito, people happen to misunderstand that what explained and depicted in them are Islam.

Our initiation should be a rectification to the prevalent situation of moving ones pen in line with the hidden agenda of Zionist troops, being unaware of it.

The major mission ought to be put into operation now is to deliver the Islam, preached and practiced by Prophet Muhammad T, Swahaba and Auliyas. It was the mission carried out by Sheikh Jeelani (R.A).

In a social order that had Islamic organizations, Islamic scholars, Islamic books, Islamic researches and Islamic scholastic debates and discussions in abundance, Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) could observe a lifeless Islam that had lost its spirit and splendour. Establishing the Thouheed in human-hearts He brought the dead Islam to life.

, I observe Islam lying dead amidst the Islamic organizations, Islamic institutions and Islamic pedagogic discussions. I believe that only with the installation of Thouheed in people’s heart can Islam be rejuvenated.

Instead of entering the way of Sheikh Jeelani (R.A), who revived the Islam from a deadly condition, people wish to leave on behalf of Islam. This notion is contemptible. Let us stand forth in following the path of our predecessors, Sheikh Jeelani (R.A) and His Disciples.

Dear Friend,

You have got acquainted with the Real Guide, the Master qualified to make you meet with Allah, the Leader of Thouheed in the time, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti.

Dear Brother,

You have recognized that the organizations and movements, the persons you have assigned as the leaders, those you honored and adored are not bringing you nearer to Allah.

You have become aware that the repeated utterance of the names of organizations and the journey on the tail of human-made ideas and groups never can make you eligible to the eternal success.

Dear friend,

Don’t be late to illuminate the life and death with Eiman, to purify the stained heart with Thouheed, thus to accomplish the ultimate success moving on through the real way paved by Prophet Muhammad T, His Companions, Sheikh Jeelani (R.A), Junaid-Al-Baghdadi (R.A) and such holy delegates.

May Allah bless you to be a traveler of the real path صراط المستقيم meeting with the genuine successor of Muhammad T and delegate of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Sheikh Yousuf Sulthan Shah Qadiri Chishti. Ameen.